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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre

These headphones are one of a kind equipped with style, comfort & best of all, exceptionally crisp audio response.  The sound quality provides heavy bass and warm mids, however it is all relativley balanaced.  The one down side that I found out about these headphones is that they cannot be used without batteries and that the right headphone rattles when you walk.  Besides that these are the best headphones you can get.  So if your looking for sound quality mixed with style & comfort..and you have the cash to spend, these are the headphones for you.


Leaked: iPhone HD

The Leaked iPhone HD

Shown above is apple’s brand new iPhone.  It was found in a bar in Redwood City camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS.  Gizmodo bought it, dissassembled it, and it’s the real thing. 

What’s New:

  • -Front-Facing Video Chat Camera
  • -Improved Regular Back Camera
  • -Camera Flash
  • -Micro SIM Card
  • -960×640 Display
  • -Secondary Mic for Noise Cancellation
  • -Split Buttons for Volume Control
  • -Power, Mute & Volume Buttons are all Metallic

What’s Changed:

  • -The Back is Entirely Flat and Seems to be Made Out of Glass
  • -An Aluminum Border Going Completely Around the Outside
  • -Slightly Smaller Screen than the 3GS, However the Resolution Seems to be Higher.
  • -Everything is More Squared Off
  • -3 Grams Heavier
  • -16% Larger Battery
  • -Internal components are shrunken to make room for the larger battery

Final Thoughts:

This phone seems to be absolutley amazing, and with the new iPhone 4.0 OS that is coming out shortly, this iPhone is going to be by far the best yet.  For example, users will finally have the ability to multi-task with the swype of 2 fingers.  The anticipation for this phone is huge and it should be released sometime in the summer.  I’m getting one as soon as possible, I recommend you do to.

Scouts Using Radar Guns To Determine Pitch Speed

The Major League Scouting Bureau is an organization dedicated to scouting baseball players around North America and presenting the information to the MLB.  What they do is put on tryout camps all across Canada and the US sponsored by territorial scouts from the Scouting Bureau.  These scouts work for the MLB and all 30 major league organizations.  You have to be at least 16 years old to participate in one of the tryout camps and all you need to bring is your ball bag and gear.  Tryouts are free of charge, however transportation fees are those of the participant.  In my opinion the only downfall of these tryouts is the fact that you cannot tryout at more then one position, you have to pick your best one.  Overall, these MLB Camps are one hell of an oppertunity for you as a ball player if you are invited to one because you will be showcased infront of up to 30 MLB scouts.  If you do well at a are now a prospect.